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Joseph Eugene Day Military Service

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Joseph Eugene Day youngest born to Harry Franklin and Tina Mabel (lemmon) Day served in the Navy. First, aboard the USS Hatfield, then on the USS Grenadier and finally on the USS Grayling.

From the book "Pig Boats" by Theodore Roscoe

Loss of Grayling

The Imperial Navy lost I-182 on September 9, and on that same day a U.S. submarine was seen in the Lingayen Gulf and the Japanese passenger-cargoman Hokuan Maru reported fighting a submarine action in the "Philippines area." The submarine seen in Lingayen Gulf may have been Grayling, order to patrol the approaches to Manila on that date, or the submarine driven off by Hokuan Maru may have been Grayling. On August 23 she had completed her special mission to Pandan Bay, Panay, by delivering a cargo of supplies to local guerrillas. Then she left to reconnoiter Tabalas Strait and hunt traffic off Manila. Pandan Bay was the last anchorage she ever made.

Apparently Grayling went down sometime between the 9th and the 12th of September. Commander Task Force Seventy-one, requested a transmission from Grayling on the 12th. Her radio spoke no answer. On September 30th, 1943 she was official reported "lost with all hands."
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