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Jeannette May Coston obituary

Unread postby Desiree » Wed May 09, 2012 10:36 am

Jeannette May Coston
Born: Jan. 13, 1934
Died: April 6, 2012

Jeannette May Bartz was born in Spokane WA on January 13, 1934 to Herman and Thelma Bartz. The second child born into the family, Jeannette had an older sister named Patsy and would have eight more siblings to follow; four brothers, named Bobby, Donald, Johnny and Georgie as well as Millie, Sharon, Gloria(surviving twin), and Carol was the last born in March of 1947. At 15 years of age Jeannette May Bartz married George G. Coston in November 1950. Residing in Spirit Lake Idaho. Jeanette was a mother, sister, aunt, grandmother and a great grandmother. She was very active in her community, supporting the Riverside Inland Grange, raising a family as well as helping others in her family with heir own children. She enjoyed sewing and was an excellent seamstress. Making quilts, baby clothes, and dolls, she would donate these items to the Grange or shelters so that others could have instead of being without. She actively ensured her children attended the local church, and enforced education as a must not an option. There was no playing hookey in the Coston home as school was an expected daily routine. As her own 6 children moved on to lives of their own, Jeannette often times would baby sit any of her 13 grandchildren and great grandchildren, Jeannette adopted many other children into her heart. She touched the lives of many different people and is dearly loved by all who had had the opportunity to know her and her genuine love. Throughout her life, Jeannette suffered episodes of loss. Her father Herman Bartz passed away at the age of 52 in their home, and even though he was gone in body, it seemed his spirit would never leave. Her brother Donald followed shortly thereafter, killed in a logging accident in the early 1960's. Jeannette would be widowed in July 2001 when she lost her husband of 52 years. Shortly after losing her husband, on July 14, 2005 she would lose her mother Thelma, just before Thelma's 100th birthday. No one will deny Jeannette was a generous person. She willfully made sacrifices for her family, friends and even strangers. She welcomed a multitude of people into her heart, and gave effortlessly to those she felt were in need. She always had stuff, and was never afraid to share. Our only hope is that as she continues on through her next big journey that those of us left on this earth to remember her, will all make her proud. Go rest in peace grandma and may we all remember your generosity and carry on your memory with love in our hearts.

courtesy of the Elk Sentinel
The information I provide is correct to the best of my knowledge
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