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Edith Eleanor (Conner) Hunsperger/Averill

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Of Irish King descent: Edith Connor Hunsperger
Edith Connor Hunsperger’s lineage dates back to Irish kings of Gaelic origin. This was found in Irish history by Sir Robert Ireland History by Francis Pierryont Bernard (1854-Portland Library) Anderson 1841 and is an authentic report.
Cathal O’Connor, until his death in 1224 and Donough O’Brian, until his death in 1240, were practically the only Gaelic Kings of the old order. In Ireland, Cathal O’Connor was the Prince of Cornacht kingdom and was the head and originator of the “Clan Brian.” King Keinster of strongbow was besieged in Dublin by the High King Rory O’Connor 1159.
The O’Mores and O’Connors lost all land to Cahtolics during the invasion of Queen and King Phillip of Spain. The O’Neils, O’Donnels, O’Connors, MacCarthys, O’Brains were serving under foreign standards and their castles were empty or had been ursurped. O’Mores and O’Connors who were naturally the main opponents of policy which reduced them from Gaelic kings; produced determined and gallant rebels: Brian O’Connor being the rebel of that period. The O’Connors disappeared approximately 1641 AD and by 1700 had gone to the new world-America. The last son and heir of the shrinking estate (George) came to America as a stowaway in a “Hogshead.” He hid while his father held the ship three days to search for the only heir to his last stand as landlord of small rentals. When he arrived in America he made Virginia his permanent home. After several years his father, Brian O’Connor, came to America to find his son George. After searching all through the colonies up and down the coast he was located in Virginia on grant lands. His first greeting to his son was, “Oh son, why did you drop the O?” For the O’ was dropped and spelling changed to Conner.
The information I provide is correct to the best of my knowledge
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