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Lona Vanderhoof marriage license 1919

Unread postby Desiree » Sun Jun 17, 2012 7:54 pm

"Michigan, County Marriages, 1820-1935," Nelson Vanderhoof in entry for Henry J Herlik and Lona Vanderhoof, 1919
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name: Henry J Herlik
titles & terms:
event: Marriage
event date: 11 Jun 1919
event place: Menominee, Michigan
age: 27
estimated birth year: 1892
father: John Herlik
father's titles & terms:
mother: Rose Rebechek
mother's titles & terms:
spouse: Lona Vanderhoof
spouse's titles & terms:
spouse's age: 27
spouse's estimated birth year: 1892
spouse's father: Nelson Vanderhoof
spouse's father's titles & terms:
spouse's mother: Anna Kash
spouse's mother's titles & terms:
reference number:
film number: 1783570
digital folder number: 4674277
image number: 00953
The information I provide is correct to the best of my knowledge
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