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John Henry Vick moved with his family from Nashville Tennessee in the late 1870's or early 1880's to Kingston Missouri where he met and married Eva Day. They moved to Washington Stare in April of 1898 and farmed on his homestead in the Duck Lake District. In 1904 they moved to the town of Harrington where he operated a Dray service. About 1910 Henry and Eva were baptized and became members of the Baptist church. Eva Died in the summer of 1913 after being ill for only a week. She left Henry with five children. He married a second time to Charlotte (Fraser) Watson; this was her second marriage also, May 5 1914, in Spokane County. They had three children who died in infancy, one set of twins March 8, 1915.
For some reason John took his own life. His body was found in the barn at his farm five miles west of town. A letter written by Mr. Vick and mailed in Spokane that Monday addressed to Dana Baker, local merchant, stating he was going to take his own life, and that his body would be found at the farm.
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