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Price District No. 3 (Price, a.k.a. Green Valley)
Published in the Daily Journal, Jan 13, 1922
Published in the Farmers Journal, January 17, 1922
By Alice Lambrechts

In 1896 the school house burned and school was held in the home of W. Vanderhoof. In the spring of 1898 a small school was built on the corner opposite from where our school now stands, and a half mile from where the first school stood. It was used until 1910.
Charles Price, a son of Sam Price, came into the district from Waupaca County in 1881 and settled on section 17. A.A. Hurlbert came at the same time, he also taking up a homestead on section 17. Others who settled on section 17 in compliance with Homestead Laws were: George H. Fehl, Civil War veteran, who last an arm fighting for the Union, and James Hartman. Mr. Fehl came from Dayton, Ohio and Mr. Hartman from Rhine Township, Sheboygan. Walter Vanderhoof and Elijah Vanderhoof settled on section 7 shortly after.

• Book: Dessureau's History of Langlade County Chapter XLVI , page 235
The information I provide is correct to the best of my knowledge
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